Monthly Archive: June 2006

The Five D’s

Swami says any human being who has compassion for others, who adheres to the Truth, and who dedicates his body to the good of others will experience no serious trouble. The primary reason is

Spiritual Pancha Sheela

Speaking to a close group of students and long time devotees at His residence in Whitefields, Bhagavan Baba expounded on the five key virtues of non-violence, truth, purity, compassion, and faith that are critical

Instant Alchemy

The following episode exemplifies how Baba often showers his all-encompassing love on those who go to see Him. A group of some 60 American women—educators, anthropologists, and other professionals studying with the eminent American scholar

He Called Me! 

The following story by Professor Kasturi, one of Swami’s closest devotees, sheds light on Bhagavan’s unfathomable magnificence. Baba uses the media of  His devotees’ dreams to give them darshan [sight of a holy person]. Through

An Evening on the Sands

It was nine years ago on a quiet November day that I had the first thrill of the “Evening on the Sands.” I had reached Puttaparthi [a village in Andhra Pradesh, South India] that

The Prayer and the Response

The following episode in a devotee’s life is reminiscent of the experience of countless recipients of Baba’s grace. His grace comes unexpectedly and when it is most needed.  I realized the power of prayer while


Divine gypsies, lovers of God, fix your gaze on the fathomless, swirling, topaz expanse, opening wide it is spring blue mouth littered with hundreds of glittering stars, swallowing birds, angels, and whole galaxies Let it

Purify the Senses

When we regard the body as an instrument, we should realize that the prescribed limits for its use have to be observed. Every object in the world is governed by certain regulations. Likewise this

Mistakes not to Commit

Question: Swami, Krishna made Dharmaja utter the lie: “asvatthama hatah,”—Ashwatthama [Dronacharya’s son] is killed, while muttering under his breath, “kunjarah”—the elephant. This led to the death of Dronacharya. Was it proper on the part of