Monthly Archive: October 2006

Manas Bhajare

In 1953 on Vijayadashmi day—the tenth day of the Dasara festival—Bhagavan Baba gathered the people around Him and gave one of His very first speeches. Earlier He used to give advice to individuals and

One Look

One look from You makes even a wretch worthy of grace. I catch myself yearning to …find the time, …make the arrangements, …save the money, …take the trip Maybe for just one look of

Let Love Rule the World

In His discourse on 1st January 1998, Swami said, “Fill your hearts with divine love. Carry it with you wherever you go, like a sick man who carries his medicines with him. As a

God is Forgotten when Self-interest Reigns

A parrot taught to utter Rama Rama Rama was caught by a cat. However, when the  cat dug its teeth into the bird, it forgot to call for Rama Rama Rama; it screeched like any

A Fateful Hour of My Life

Many Sai devotees can empathize with the anecdote below —the process of spiritual cleansing much like that of purifying gold. One night while bhajan [devotional singing was going on as usual in the prayer hall

A Report

Few months ago I returned from a three-month trip to Prasanthi Nilayam and it was an inspiring, uplifting, and a very blessed stay. I was able to experience the celebrations of Swami’s 80th birthday, Christmas,

From Darkness to Light

The journey from birth to death is a game that has to be played with skill. From time to time, prophets and messengers from God have appeared among different peoples to teach them the

Story of an Ant

An ant clutched half a grain of rice in its jaws and was running along the first enclosure to the mandir in Prasanthi Nilayam. “I want to offer it to the Lord,” she had

Significance of White Dress

Question: Swami, in your organization or your institutions, workers, students, teachers, devotees, and doctors always dress in white. Why? Bhagavan: White symbolizes purity and cleanliness. A pure white cloth may be compared to a