Monthly Archive: September 2007

Sai Krishna Speaks

In 1974, on Krishna Ashtami [His birthday], Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba compared love to an insurance policy. He said, “Pay the premium regularly as per the rules and you can claim the ‘amount’ and

The Concrete Om

Lord Ganesha is known by many names and we worship Him at the beginning of every auspicious event. In 1965, Bhagavan Baba gave a very interesting explanation to the various names. The Puranas [scriptures] declare


The objective world, subject to the effects of time and conditioned by space, is but a projection of the Divine mind. If God is offered material gifts, He receives only things composed by His

Baba—The Embodiment of Love

Born in 1924, Padmabhushan Lt. Gen. (Retd.) S. P. Malhotra, PVSM, a highly decorated soldier of the Indian Army, retired in 1982 as GOC-in-C [General Officer Commanding-in-Chief], Northern Command, after a distinguished service of 39 years

Vamsi Kunj

There was an occasion when Krishna laid His flute aside and declared that He would not play on it again. It is a long story, not found in books. I alone must tell you

Activities and Their Effects

Activities are of three kinds; karma (action), akarma (inaction), and vikarma (un-action). Of these, un-action is the most subtle of activities for it is neither sloth nor action motivated by desire. It is simple

Krishna & the Gopis

Question:  Swami, Krishna was surrounded by eight consorts and is stated to have been associated with 16,000 gopis [cowherdesses]. It is very disturbing and embarrassing to hear of Lord Krishna’s many wives. Kindly enlighten

I was the Guest

It was Thursday, full moon, night, eight o’clock; He was reading a page of this monthly then! Baba ‘stood’ in concrete form, rose-bud smile and grace He saw Him, clear: robe, lotus eyes, and