Monthly Archive: October 2007

Inner Significance of the Navaratri Festival

The inner meaning of the Navaratri [nine-night] festival was explained by Bhagavan Baba in His discourse in the Prasanthi mandir [temple]on September 27. Navaratri means nine nights. Darkness is associated with night. What is this

God-Man, Man-God

Sage Valmiki asked Sage Narada, “At the present time, is there a man who is full of virtues, possessed of heroic prowess, who knows the principles of righteousness, who is aware of the service

The Four Brothers

In the following discourse, Bhagavan Baba has compared Rama and His brothers to the four Vedas—an interesting analogy. He has also spoken about the importance of the Rama mantra. Rama is a name that

When Tulsi Bloomed at the Lotus Feet

When my servants Ask thee concerning Me I am indeed Close: I listen To the prayer of every Supplicant when he calleth on Me. (The Quran: II: 186) Karim Saab (67), shriveled and taciturn,

How the Lord Chooses

I had been waiting for weeks to have an interview with Sri Sathya Sai Baba when ‘she’ arrived. ‘She’ was called in for an interview immediately. The very next day, ‘she’ received another. “How unfair,”

Sai Baba

Dear Baba—may this poem be sincere, Flowers of words for my Master dear, A humble expression in delicate hue, Those many vivid images, yet so few! At dawn the ashram in fine mist was

How to Achieve Surrender

Sharanagati [surrender]—leaving everything to His ‘will’ is the highest form of bhakti [devotion], the easiest path to self-realization is the surrender of ego. When you accept and when you believe that the divine is

Mind is Desire

Hislop: What is meant when Swami says to a departing devotee that, ‘Swami will be with you wherever you are; Swami is in your heart’? Sai: The situation can be compared to a man