Monthly Archive: January 2011

Alms and Qualms

In January1969 while celebrating the Uttarayana [northern transit of sun] festival, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba said that we should yearn with anguish to win His grace. The grace is always there but it is the

My Experiences

The common questions often asked [of me] by inquisitive friends, visitors, and acquaintances with a desire to know about Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba are: (1) What attracted me toward Him, (2) How I

Swami’s Gentle Reminders

Often in our daily lives we take Swami for granted.  Our minds are caught in the constant movement of time. Our thoughts are easily distracted by the vision before our eyes, the sounds we

Light in Darkness

The late Indra Devi, a popular yoga teacher of of the United States, counseled thousands of students, including many public figures and celebrities; taught her methods in China and India; and founded the Yoga

Sanathana Sarathi

Salutations and worship! O Sanathana Sarathi! Abide in Thee, peace and tranquility! Nobly from the pranava [primodial sound] didst Thou cast a Universe as of fun; Ambitious, Thine enemies knew not, that Thou bestowed


Have you ever enjoyed the pleasure of deep silence? By silence I mean absolute stillness of the mind. Shastras [epics] say, “If one can completely stop the mind for a moment, he is saved

Divine Mischief

Bhagavan must have been in His early twenties when He decided to play with some young cricketers by manifesting His powers through the medium of a cricket ball. A Raja (king) from the erstwhile

Secret of Life

For man, health is the greatest wealth. From time immemorial, many countries have been delving in ways to preserve good health and disseminating the knowledge among all. In the absence of sound health, human

Prakriti and Paramatma,

Bhakta: You used the word, adhyasa. What does it mean, Swami? Swami: What? You do not know the meaning of that! “Seeing one form and taking it to be another, superimposing one thing upon