Monthly Archive: March 2012

Your Divine Destiny

The universe is illumined through and through by, the splendor of the Lord. The universe shines forever in the glory of the Lord. When the light of the Lord is withdrawn from it, the

Baba the Indweller

Sai Baba of Shirdi is renowned for mighty power, infinite mercy, and boundless love. Most of the literature about Him is in Marathi [language spoken in the western part of India], wherein He is

Follow the Intellect, not the Mind

O foolish man, why do you, like the musk deer, seek in the outer world that which lies within you?  Just as a flower is inherently fragrant, you are inherently divine and can find

Divine Power

Power creates, sustains, or destroys. If it is exercised on the side of good, it is divine power; on the side of evil, demonic power. The earth oscillates like a spinning top, this side

Why Worry

Worry is a self‑inflicted subtle pain in the mind of man. It is the result of unfulfilled desire for satisfying some whim or fantasy. Worry buffets its victims between hope and despair; they drift

Secure Enduring Happiness

There are five kinds of kleshas (sufferings) that stand in the way. Avidya (ignorance) is one kind of suffering. What is this ignorance? In the scriptures, the question is asked, “Who is a moorkha

What is Grace

Q: Baba, …Which is the quickest way to reach the goal? A: There are no shortcuts to truth. The shortcut is always long; it merely entices and deceives. There are only two ways that