Monthly Archive: May 2013

To the Mothers

In a landmark discourse, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba issues a candid, endearing call to young mothers to embrace their responsibility as their children’s first spiritual preceptor, their efforts being crucial to sustain India’s

A Model Prayer to Mother Sai

  Mother Sai, We are all children within Thy womb. As the mother lovingly bears the hammerings of the embryo, Thou, too, in Thy supreme patience and compassion, dost put up with the painful

S.S.E. Student Offerings to the Divine Mother 2013

May 6th of each year is observed as Mother’s Day. For this occasion, our children submitted poems, drawings, and other creations for publication in Sai Sarathi. These following submissions on the theme of “mother”

The Loving Mother Sai

Swami often says, “My love is equal to the love of a thousand mothers.” Like a mother He is always with us even when we are having our food. Swami tells us that food