Monthly Archive: March 2016

Was it Him?

My last trip to India was in 1997. And the only reason that I went was to warn a close friend (who was visiting Baba at the time) that she might have stage 4

The Divine Photographer

Visitor: (carrying a professional camera) Can I take your picture now? Sai: (in English): How many are here? Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten… twelve. Visitor: Twelve disciples. Sai: This is

God, the Source of Good

In this stellar Divine discourse, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba explains the significance of Shivaratri, the consummate holy day of merger with the Divine. Shivaratri [night of Shiva] is a very auspicious day for

The Grace of God

In His limitless love and compassion, Bhagavan Baba keeps on teaching us, guiding us and encouraging us all. Most of us understand His divine teachings in a correct way, because His language is a

Steps in Sadhana

Hinduism recognizes that there are several ways open for the sadhaka [spiritual aspirant] to progress spiritually. Baba says that in the modern age, the large majority of us can progress toward salvation through bhakti

Permanent & Evanescent

The root cause of all difficulties experienced by man is forgetting his spiritual reality and identifying himself with his body. The body is only the vesture of the indwelling spirit. By immersing himself in

Dharma Incarnate – Part II

~ Continued from February 2016 ~ The Declaration Our Lord declared, on the first day of the Navaratri [nine nights] festival in 1967, that He was God incarnate. While addressing the vast concourse of