Monthly Archive: January 2017

The Fingers Five

Bhagavan Baba, in His valedictory address to the Fifth All India Seva Dal Conference, made a call to all units of the Sathya Sai Seva Samiti (organization) to work as a single entity like

The Pole Star

The pure heart shines with a faultless brilliance. Sweet love grants unblemished joy. Goodness is the most efficacious specific for the illness that lays humanity low. Goodness is even the reservoir of immortality. Attach

Unfortunate Children

 In the following discourse, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is speaking to inmates of a remand home in Hyderabad about how they should conduct their lives. This is a good lesson for all of

He Corrected My Sanskrit Verses

The following article is by G. R. Praveena, a student in the Department of Biosciences at the Sri Sathya Sai institute of Higher Learning, Prasanthi Nilayam Campus, from1984-1989. Currently he is a faculty member

The Birth of our Beloved

Before Kali Yuga started, sweet Lord Krishna oft proclaimed “To this Earth again will I be born, when it is steeped in shame.” And thus it was so written, on the Gita’s golden page “For

Man is Essentially Good

Years come and go, so also pleasure and pain. Nothing confers permanent bliss except the experiences of the atma. Man cannot attain peace and happiness from his actions unless he has sacred feelings within. Many people

The Fourteen Lokas

Q: I have heard it said that the lokas are all in the body of man! Some experienced persons and some men learned in the Shastras (scriptures) have said so; is that true? What are