Monthly Archive: March 2017

When Swami Gave Himself a New Name!

On the 25th of November in 1958, Sri S. R. Venkatraman and his family were returning from Puttaparthi after attending Swami’s birthday celebrations. Baby Gitasudha, Venkatraman’s daughter, suddenly lay dead. The miserable parents were

Divine Revelations

It was the ‘Great night of Shiva’. The 8th of March 1940, when in a remote town a little lad swooned, fainted and fell—‘stung’ by a ‘scorpion.’ Nothing was ever the same!!! Maha Shivaratri has

The Flowers that God Loves

It is in the experience and practice of the citizens of Bharat [India] that they generally worship God with flowers, offer puja (ritual adoration), and make obeisance to God. But there is something that

Uprooting of Impulses

Of all the workshops of the world, the workshop of the body is the most wonderful, because it is the tabernacle of the Lord. In such a factory, the impulses are sublimated into vows,

Yoga in Modern Life

These days all over the world there is clearly a great curiosity about the science of yoga. Especially in western countries, many people seem to have been attracted toward yogic practices. Their interest, however,

Thoughts Are Things

Hari I am watching my thoughts, feelings, and actions Are they clear, translucent, pure upward-moving, virtuous, loving inspiring, faithful, joyful, warm Satwic peaceful panorama quiet, unruffled lake, a crystal window pane through which all