Monthly Archive: January 2018

Man’s Life Force

As we herald the New Year with gaiety and delight, let’s recapitulate the illuminating message of Bhagavan given on this occasion more than a decade ago, in 1994. Embodiments of love! Brahman (the supreme

Q & A with Bhagavan

Swami: Oh! You have come! I was watching for long whether you have come or not. I knew you are a person who comes punctually. Glad to see you. Bhakta: Whatever else I may

His Children

Our wonderful Lord is so great There is none whom He will hate By following him, we His children Shall surely prosper in life’s long run. His powers are so great His word makes

The Secret of a Happy Life

Sometimes certain feelings originate in our heart. Clouds that originate from the sun cover the sun itself. Water that is not used for many days is covered by the moss that has grown in

Transformation Is What I Want

“I do not want your praise. I want your transformation,” observed Bhagavan Baba, in an inspiring exhortation to devotees to fill their hearts with love and lead a godly life, in His discourse on

Thought Waves Make up the Cosmos

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, in His discourse during the Summer Course in 1993, elaborated on the importance of cultivating good thoughts and advised that we should always seek good company.   God has