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Sadhana and Swami

  “Isn’t it enough if we love Swami? What is the need for rules and regulations for Sathya Sai centers?” In answer to this query from an American devotee, Dr. John Hislop wrote the

Their Shelter & Their Strength

This is a talk given to about 60 students of the Sri Sathya Sai Arts & Science College, gathered in Bhagavan’s presence on a sandy riverbed in the Bandipur Forest, Mysore State. A highly


The Bhagavad Gita [song of God] declares, in clear and ringing tones, “Whenever there is decline of dharma [right conduct], and the rise of adharma [unrighteous behavior], I shall embody Myself. For the protection

Swami I Want You

Divij Desai, a Student from 2001-2006, in the Department of Physics of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, wrote the following article. Currently he is a Manager, at TCS e-Serve Ltd., in

Unity of Religions

What Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is saying is most relevant to the contemporary situation. There is at present a crisis looming in many spheres of modern life, not the least of which concern

What Does God Seek From Us?

A Messiah’s Story This is probably one of my favorite stories. It is so full of intrigue and suspense in the beginning, yet so simple and profound in its ending. I have heard it

The Path of Divine Love

I had the unique privilege and pleasure of witnessing and enjoying the musical play Radha bhakti [Radha’s devotion] that Baba wrote. It was performed by the children studying at the Vedashastru Pathashala [one of

The Lord of the Heart

When Baba sent word that I was to make some remarks at this great New Year’s gathering of Sathya Sai devotees, I thought that if I were to speak with all the truth that

Our Nearest Kith And Kin

Following is a talk given by Dr. Bhagavantham in the Divine presence of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba during the Prasanthi Vidwanmahasabha, the archetype assembly of the learned in Prasanthi Nilayam. It is a


Adi Sankaracharya, who undoubtedly occupies the foremost place of eminence and honor amongst the great vedantins [philosophers] and jnanis [sages] that Bharat [India] has produced, finally rea­lized in his later years that in this