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Is this for Me?

“When I am with a child, I am a child….” How delightfully true! In 1978, a large group of children from a center in England visited Brindavan, taking with them seven sacks of ‘presents’

Fun with Sai

Why the Form Bhagavan Baba is a unique incarnation of the supreme power whose purpose in taking human form is to make mankind realize the self within which is the eternal reality. Even while

Fun With Sai

Angel Delight Swami and Hislop were to have a meal at a devotee’s home. Swami’s entourage was bigger than the hostess had expected. To avoid embarrassment to her, Swami told Hislop, “Go to the

Small Teachings

You may say that progress is possible only through God’s Grace; but though My heart is soft as butter, it melts when there is some warmth in your prayer. Unless you make some disciplined

Fun With Sai

Danish delight At an interview, Swami addressed a Danish couple saying to  the wife, “He is a good man.” The wife gleaming with joy responded, “Yes very good Swami.” “No, no,” Swami replied, Not

Sweet Sai Sweet Self

I was sitting on the veranda of the temple at Prasanthi Nilayam, lost within myself, when suddenly I opened my eyes and found Swami standing in front of me. He said, “Drucker, what do you

Worry: Bhagavan’s Recipe

In an interview in 1989, Swami told me, “Don’t worry. Always think of God, I am always with you. Have a happy and healthy life.” I am sure He tells this to thousands of

Fun With Sai

Once a few of us were sitting on the verandah at Whitefield in Bangalore, Swami very graciously joined the group and narrated the following story: There was a king who asked a Pandit as

Think Before You Ask

As Baba entered the premises of Dharmakshetra in Bombay,  He saw the drilling team who were going to drill for water. The person in charge of the team asked, “Swami, can we drill here?”

Fun With Sai

Enveloped with Love Swami sometimes manifests a gift for a devotee to take home to a sick relative, and on those occasions He will sometimes put it in a suitable envelope from His latest