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The Ten‑Fold Path To Divinity

(For members of the organization and others) Love and Serve the Motherland; do not hate or hurt the motherland of others. Honor every religion; each is a path­way to the one God. Love all

Who is the Greatest?

Heartfelt devotion is key to reaching God says Bhagavan Baba in this discourse. During a visit to Ooty [in S. India] in April 1984, Bhagavan related the following story about Sage Narada’s encounter with

Spiritual Revolution

Millions of years of upward struggle have produced the present human society. Thousands of seers and sages in all lands have taught man to see the truth that underlies the panorama of creation, to

The Heritage of Man

While playing cricket, if the ball streaked toward the boundary in a perfectly timed shot, one felt elated, but was conscious that this was not the purpose of life. When one achieved a prize

Fulfilling DUTY (Dharma)

‘Dharma’ is a powerful Sanskrit word streamlining the way and philosophy of life. There is solely a book entitled ‘Dharma Vahini’ by our beloved Swami, Sathya Sai. Numerous discourses of Swami touch upon this

Toward a Universal Religion

Almost every living religion today claims that it is a world religion. In so far as the term `world religion’ connotes the wide geographical extent of its spread, it is perhaps a justifiable claim.

The ‘I’ Disease

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has said, “The Buddha saw one sick man, one old man, one corpse, and one sanyasin [religious mendicant]; that was enough for him to leave his palace and seek

Mastery of the Senses

There is a method by which the demands of the senses can be reconciled and harmonized. This is by treating both good and bad with equal mindedness. Tukaram [a saint] is an illustrious example

Lessons from the Sea

This is World Teacher’s Day, named after the first preceptor, the codifier of Vedic texts, the Poet who compiled the great epic Mahabharata, famous as the Fifth Veda, and of the other great text

Sneha—The Eighth Stage

Bhagavan Baba encourages youth to cultivate true friendship that exhibits trust, steadfast faith, and acceptance of one’s circumstance devoid of doubt, fear, and anxiety, thus making it divine. Sneha (friendship) is the eighth of