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When Swami Gave Himself a New Name!

On the 25th of November in 1958, Sri S. R. Venkatraman and his family were returning from Puttaparthi after attending Swami’s birthday celebrations. Baby Gitasudha, Venkatraman’s daughter, suddenly lay dead. The miserable parents were


Once upon a time, King Janaka sent a message to the people in his kingdom: “If there be amongst you a great scholar, a pundit, a mahatma, a yogi, a maharishi, a sage, whoever

God is Forgotten when Self-interest Reigns

A parrot taught to utter Rama Rama Rama was caught by a cat. However, when the  cat dug its teeth into the bird, it forgot to call for Rama Rama Rama; it screeched like any

Story of an Ant

An ant clutched half a grain of rice in its jaws and was running along the first enclosure to the mandir in Prasanthi Nilayam. “I want to offer it to the Lord,” she had

Sai Mata

Years ago, when some one suggested the title; “Sathya Sai mata” for a picture in which He is seen fondling a little child, Baba said. “Name it Sathya mata for this is the sathya

How Far is Vaikuntha?

Provided your intellect is sharp and free from prejudices and predilections, the reality will reveal itself to you in a flash, for it is quite a simple thing. Only, it must be capable of

Baba’s Three Questions

1. An old merchant from Kuppam arrived late one evening by car with his family. As soon as Baba saw him, He asked, “How deep is the well?” I thought the inquiry was about

The Winning Smile

Once it happened that Krishna [a Hindu deity], [His brother] Balarama and [His cousin] Satyaki, who were little boys scarcely four or five years old at that time, strayed into a thick jungle all

Heartfelt Prayer Brings Grace

In the following story, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba emphasizes love and yearning as key to drawing God’s grace.   The mind is allowed to wander and engage itself in external exercises like japa [repetition

Mansur’s Saga

In Northern India, there was once a Muslim called Mansur. From his childhood he was constantly meditating on God. Although he belonged to a poor family, his parents wanted him to have a good